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THE DRUMS – The Drums

July 4, 2010

The Brooklyn quartet finally releases their first full-length album, after tempting us constantly with singles and an EP. They sound like they came straight out of the 1980’s post-punk/indie scene. I’m shocked they’re not British. Their music is great and if they’re not huge by the time I post this review then I am sure […]

ART BRUT – Art Brut Vs. Satan

April 23, 2009

Art Brut Vs. Satan is the British quintet’s third full-length; this one is produced by Frank Black aka Black Francis aka Charles Michael Kittridge Thompson IV aka the lead singer for the Pixies. We get eleven songs of fun, upbeat British rock/post-punk goodness filled with witty lyrics (many referencing other bands, songs, and music in […]

Cut Off Your HandsYou and I 

February 9, 2009

They are from Auckland, New Zealand, and this is their debut album. They are pretty good, they play post-punk/rock in the same vein as a band like Franz Ferdinand. If Hot Hot Heat had followed up Make Up The Breakdown, their album with the song “Bandages” where they sounded like they wanted to bring back […]

Bloc Party – Intimacy

November 5, 2008

The British quartet presents their third full-length album. Their first album was full of catchy angular rock/post-punk; the second album saw them branching out a bit, experimenting with new rhythms and electronics, but maintaining most of the good qualities that their first album possessed. On Intimacy, however, they feel like a pretentious band that shows […]

Eddy Current Suppression RingPrimary Colours

September 12, 2008

They are from Australia and the band members have awesome names like “Rob Solid” and “Danny Current.” It’s always great when members take on names related to their band name – and even better when their musical chops are just as cool as their chosen names. And cool this band is. They play a mixture […]

The Airborne Toxic EventThe Airborne Toxic Event

September 9, 2008

Debut for the five-piece that is based out of Los Feliz, California (near Los Angeles). Right now they are on tour opening for The Fratellis, which should be your first clue to the quality of the music they make. They play rock/post-punk. Imagine if Franz Ferdinand and Interpol had a one-night stand; this band could […]