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The RaveonettesLust Lust Lust

February 15, 2008

ZOMBIE ROCK! Seriously, I bet zombies would groove to this. Noisy pop with LOTS of feedback and a surf influence. It’s really good! Mostly female vocals with occasional male leads. This is their fourth full-length, they’re from Denmark. Recommended if you like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, the undead. In addition, the cover […]

Nada Surf – Lucky

February 13, 2008

Their fifth full-length, they’ve evolved from their beginnings as an angsty version of Weezer to their present state of melodic, midtempo indie pop/rock. They’re rather good and this album is no exception. Overall a very pleasing listen and very nice to simply chill out to. Recommended if you like Death Cab for Cutie, The Weakerthans, […]

Grand ArchivesGrand Archives

February 11, 2008

Mat Brooke fronts this band; you may remember him from his work with Band of Horses and Carissa’s Wierd. This is quite similar to Band of Horses but a bit more pop-influenced; but the folk/country influences are retained. Not as immediately catchy, but the songs are nice and Mat has a very pleasant voice (I […]

The WhitsundaysThe Whitsundays

January 28, 2008

60’s influenced “reverb-wrapped” pop music, I quite like it. Would play nice with bands like The Shins, Spoon, etc., plus older 60’s pop bands. The chorus on #6 is strangely reminiscent of The Who’s “Boris The Spider” despite not having anything in common at all.