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Dent May & His Magnificient UkuleleThe Good Feeling Music Of…

February 5, 2009

The debut LP for Mississippian Dent May, his bandmates, and his ukulele. They will all be on tour with A.C. Newman through March, and like Mr. Newman, Dent May makes pop music. The lyrics are often humorous and probably shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Lots of different influences can be heard, from 50’s/60’s pop music […]

KeanePerfect Symmetry

February 2, 2009

The third album from the English trio. Though still a piano-rock band, their sound is a lot more muscular than on their good, albeit very wimpy, debut. Very slickly produced, the album reminds me of the U2 song ‘City Of Blinding Lights,’ one of the songs I still take the time to listen to off […]

The ParlotonesA World Next Door To Yours

January 31, 2009

They’re a quartet from South Africa and this is their newest album. Slickly produced pop/rock that reminds me quite a bit of the new Killers album. That being said, they’re pretty good, but they need more of an edge if they don’t want to be the next band supplying songs for television dramas (but they […]

The Weather MachinesBones and Brains EP

January 30, 2009

Really nice poppy rock music with male vocals. Breezy and light, with 70’s pop influences. Good stuff. The opening track, “Parts Of Speech,” has handclaps! Recommended if you like A.C. Newman and Fancey.

Drazy HoopsInto The Red

January 29, 2009

His seventh full-length. It’s singer-songwriter pop/rock with alt-country influences. He has a deep voice, in the same vein as Nick Cave/Tom Waits/the dudes in American Music Club and The National. It’s nice pleasant music. Guitarist Sean Eden has also played with Luna.

Snow PatrolA Hundred Million Suns

November 18, 2008

This is the fifth full-length for the band whose members hail from both Scotland and Ireland. They have experienced a massive increase in their fanbase due to the single “Chasing Cars” off of their last album, Eyes Open. Their sound can be classified as poppy alt-rock that is fit to be played to an arena […]

Thing OneYou’ll Be Fine

November 17, 2008

Hailing from New Jersey, they started out playing hip-hop but they have since evolved into an electropop/dance/rock band. There are still some hip-hop influences as well as some soul and funk influences, but their main objective now is to get you dancing, and they do a damn good job. I saw them live and their […]

Lindsey BuckinghamGift Of Screws

October 22, 2008

Let it be known that I love Lindsey Buckingham, so this review may be a bit biased. You should recognize his name from Fleetwood Mac, or perhaps from Buckingham Nicks. Gift Of Screws is his fifth solo album and showcases his wonderful fingerpicking guitar style, incorporated excellently into the pop/rock sound that he creates. It’s […]

Chris DiffordThe Last Temptation of Chris

October 21, 2008

He was the co-founder (with Glenn Tilbrook) and lyricist for the British pop/new-wave band Squeeze. This is his third solo album. His lyrics tend to be stories about everyday events and people, sometimes deviating to topics that most writers wouldn’t want to touch (example: “Reverso” is about vasectomy). The songs are all very good and […]

The Little OnesMorning Tide

October 17, 2008

Very nice pop on the debut for the Los Angeles quintet. The music has a warm, sunny, upbeat feel to it. Soak up the sun with this album. I saw them at SXSW ’08 and they were good, and so is their CD. Recommended if you like pop music influenced by the Beach Boys. It […]

Jack’s MannequinThe Glass Passenger

October 8, 2008

The main man behind this band is Something Corporate’s Andrew McMahon. According to a friend who saw him play with Something Corporate about five years ago, he is amazing live; he treats his piano in much the same way Ben Folds does – believing that the keys aren’t the only part of the instrument that […]

Japanese MotorsJapanese Motors

October 7, 2008

Awesome! garage pop/surf/rock on the debut from the Costa Mesa, California quartet. I can’t really say too much more about them, except that they are coolest band I have listened to in a while. Picture the Strokes going surfing. This band is SO GOOD.

Ben FoldsWay To Normal

October 2, 2008

Way To Normal is the third proper album from everyone’s favorite piano rocker. In the nineties, Ben was the leader of Ben Folds Five, who gave Weezer a run for their money as the coolest power-pop band that your nerdy friend liked. Today, Ben is now 42 years old, yet he still appeals widely to […]

Tobias FrobergTurn Heads

October 1, 2008

Froberg is from Sweden and this is his third album. He has produced several songs for the solo work of Peter Bjorn and John’s Peter Moren. Moren makes a guest appearance on this album, contributing vocals to the song “Just Behind A Brickwall”. Froberg’s music is best classified as singer-songwriter indie pop, with some folk-pop […]

All Girl Summer Fun BandLooking Through It

September 25, 2008

The Portland trio of Kathy Foster, Jen Sbragia, and Kim Baxter (They used to be a quartet; former member Ari Douangpanya opted out of being a part of this record to focus on being a mom) offers up their third full-length and first since 2003’s “2”. This is also their first album to appear on […]

The Mystery TrampsWe Are The Mystery Tramps EP

September 24, 2008

They’re from Boston. I’m not sure how old they are, though they look like they are about fifteen. Prior to this EP, they released another EP and a full-length CD. They play a mix of pop/pop-punk/rock, though some songs teeter dangerously to the edge of being labeled as “emo”. The vocalist whines his way through […]

Passion PitChunk Of Change

September 19, 2008

Electropop from Boston. Rather busy sounding. Heavy on the synths. Apparently the guy behind this wrote these songs as a Valentine’s Day present for his girlfriend, which explains titles like “Smile Upon Me” and “Cuddle Fuddle.” Originally recorded solo, gigs now feature a full five-piece band. At times, I ask myself if this is a […]

Noah And The WhalePeaceful The World Lays Me Down

September 18, 2008

Folk/pop/tweefolk from England. This is the band’s debut. They are already big in the UK, having their song “5 Years Time” crack the UK chart’s Top Ten. Mostly warbly/yelpy male vocals, which can be a bit much at times. However, the female backing vocals are very nice. Not bad stuff. Recommended if you like Thanksgiving/Adrian […]

Brian WilsonThat Lucky Old Sun

September 11, 2008

The new solo album from the legend that is Brian Wilson. The theme of this album is California, and all of the songs bear a sunny, warm vibe that feels just like how I imagine summertime California would. He gets help from Van Dyke Parks on the narratives, which are just spoken word over background […]

The Republic TigersKeep Color

May 21, 2008

They’re from Kansas City, Missouri and their lead singer, Kenn Jankowski, used to front The Golden Republic. This is their debut. It’s midtempo melodic pop/rock, definitely has Britpop influences. It’s pleasant; not the most profound album by any means, but nice to listen to and relax. (They do not appear to currently have their […]

Mates of StateRe-Arrange Us

May 20, 2008

The husband-wife duo returns with their fifth full-length and second for the Barsuk label. They play cutesy indie-pop. Kori plays a variety of keyboard instruments (keys, organ, piano) and sings while Jason is the drummer and second singer. Their indie-pop is sweet and adorable, to the point that I find them to be one of […]

Jeremy JayA Place Where We Could Go

May 8, 2008

This is the debut album for the Californian. It’s pop music that would feel at home in the late 1970’s. It’s okay but nothing compares to the song “Airwalker” off of the EP he released around the end of 2007. The songs on this album remind me of the Modern Lovers songs that I have […]

The HoosiersThe Trick To Life

April 30, 2008

Here is the U.S. release of the British trio’s debut album. Upbeat pop/power-pop/rock with male vocals that hit the higher register at times. Their sound is very polished but doesn’t feel too overproduced. They remind me of a poppier version of The Attorneys, and I think they would also appeal to fans of bands like […]


February 21, 2008

The second full-length from Fancey, which is led by the New Pornographers’ guitarist, Todd Fancey, and features the talents of fellow Pornstar Kurt Dahle on drums. Fancey is highly influenced by 1970s “soft-rock” and the resulting sound is one that is very poppy, upbeat, and sunny. I think that I enjoyed this band’s debut more, […]

Bell X1 – Flock

February 16, 2008

A rerelease of their 2006 album with a different tracklisting, finally available for those of us who live across the pond from where this band originates from, Ireland. Perhaps you remember this band from their appearance on The O.C. television show soundtrack a few years back? No? Well then, moving on. They play what could […]