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June 27, 2010

The duo of Evan Mast and Mike Stroud returns with their aptly-titled fourth album, LP4. I learned that this album is best played loudly on a decent stereo system. Your computer speakers just will not do. I also learned that I still think Ratatat’s first two albums are their best efforts. Sure, LP4 is good […]

V/A – FANTASTIC MR. FOX – Original Soundtrack

February 14, 2010

I’m not usually a big fan of movie soundtracks but I always enjoy the ones to Wes Anderson movies, probably because the songs work together to create an overall theme. The soundtrack to his latest movie, Fantastic Mr. Fox, is an enjoyable romp through whimsical sounds and it may also drill the chants of “Boggis, […]

CHRIS JOSS – Monomaniacs Vol. 1

February 13, 2010

Monomaniacs Vol. 1 is the sixth album from Chris Joss, who is originally from France. It’s another highly entertaining instrumental affair from Joss. No lyrics here, just 12 awesome, funk-influenced, 70’s-vibed cuts. There’s enough sounds mixed in to keep anyone occupied for a while trying to pick through all the layers. There’s even some Indian […]

BELL ORCHESTRE – As Seen Through The Windows

March 2, 2009

Their second album. Two of their members are in the Arcade Fire. All of their songs are instrumental. You could classify them as indie/experimental if you needed to, I suppose. They would sound best on a long drive through a desolate winter landscape.