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Past LivesStrange Symmetry

November 25, 2008

Features ex-Blood Brothers members Jordan Blilie (vocals), Morgan Henderson (guitar/keyboard), and Mark Gajadhar (drums), as well as ex-Shoplifting member Devin Welch (guitar), who at one point, was also in the Blood Brothers. The result is a band that sounds very similar to the Blood Brothers – “experimental” rock with post-hardcore influences and angsty high-pitched male […]

Jaguar LoveTake Me To The Sea

September 8, 2008

Their debut; features Johnny Whitney, Cody Votolato (ex-Blood Brothers members) and J Clark (ex-Pretty Girls Make Graves). The vocalist, Johnny Whitney, continues on his Blood Brothers style of high-pitched screams, singing, screeching, and talking. The music is a less chaotic version of Blood Brothers. If you like the Mars Volta and hardcore, and want them […]

Die! Die! Die!Promises, Promises

February 6, 2008

Frantic, fast-paced rock with definite punk and hardcore influences straight outta Dunedin, New Zealand. Like a less-abrasive Blood Brothers that is easier on the ears, but still something I can’t see most people enjoying. Vocals are more spoken than sung, and reminiscent of At The Drive-In at times.

The Alphabetical OrderI Am Magically Happening!

January 30, 2008

These guys (and girl) are definitely influenced by 90’s D.C. emo/hardcore, with extra bits of rock and punk influences as well. Songs tend to vary in style from one another but maintain their hardcore energy throughout. The second half of this album is remarkably boring. They’re okay, but certainly not great. “Submarines” was my favorite […]