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THE MOONDOGGIES – You’ll Find No Answers Here [EP]

June 23, 2010

New 5-song EP from this Seattle (technically, Everett, Washington, but who likes technicalities these days) band who released their debut album, Don’t Be A Stranger, in 2008. Their sophomore album, Tidelands, comes out on September 14th. Until then, if you see the Moondoggies on their tour with Blitzen Trapper, you can pick this up. The […]


April 29, 2009

Second full-length for the Californian band. They might be on the Side One Dummy label, but they’re far from your average punk band; they combine elements of folk, country, classic rock, punk, and more to create a highly enjoyable sound. They have toured with bands like Flogging Molly, Dirty Pretty Things, and Gogol Bordello. Their […]

CLEM SNIDE – Hungry Bird

March 12, 2009

<img src=”; width=”250″ height=”250″></img> This is the band’s sixth studio album and first in four years. They are led by a man with one of the best names ever: Eef Barzelay. Their sound on this record is one of indie/folk/country/pop, and it’s very mellow and easy-going. Eef has a unique voice that you will either […]

BON IVER – Blood Bank [EP]

February 16, 2009

The project of Justin Vernon (he does get a tiny bit of help from others on here, as well as during his live shows, this is Bon Iver’s first EP and second overall release after 2008’s For Emma, Forever Ago album. The tracks on this EP were recorded at varying points in time so each […]

Nickel EyeThe Time Of The Assassins

February 12, 2009

Debut for the solo project of The Strokes’ bass player, Nikolai Fraiture. It’s much less rocking in comparison to The Strokes; this has more of a singer-songwriter/folk vibe to it. Fairly decent, though no track stands out too much. I prefer fellow Strokes member Albert Hammond, Jr.’s solo output.

AnnualsSuch Fun

November 24, 2008

They were talked about quite a bit in 2006 when their debut, Be He Me, was released, but soon after it seemed no one cared about this North Carolina band much anymore. But they’re back with their second album and it’s decent stuff. Folky indie-rock, they remind me of an indie pop version of My […]

Isobel Campbell and Mark LaneganSunday At Devil Dirt

November 19, 2008

Their second album together, following in the footsteps of 2006’s Ballad Of The Broken Seas. Isobel Campbell is best known for her work with Belle and Sebastian and The Gentle Waves Mark Lanegan is recognized for singing with Screaming Trees, Queens of the Stone Age, and The Gutter Twins. Both have also released solo albums. […]

Tom GabelAnna Is A Stool Pigeon single

October 23, 2008

He is the lead singer for Against Me! This is the single for his debut solo EP, Heart Burns, which comes out on October 28, 2008. The sound is different from Against Me! in that it is acoustic-guitar based, but it still has politically-charged lyrics and Tom’s trademark angry young man spoken vocals. It’s good […]

Mother MotherO My Heart

September 23, 2008

From Vancouver, this five-piece presents their second full-length album. There’s a brother and a sister in the band, it’s always good to see families making rock music together. The album is full of indie pop/rock with boy/girl vocals and harmonies, and some folk-rock influences (such as finger-plucked guitar, strings). It’s quirky and can get a […]

Noah And The WhalePeaceful The World Lays Me Down

September 18, 2008

Folk/pop/tweefolk from England. This is the band’s debut. They are already big in the UK, having their song “5 Years Time” crack the UK chart’s Top Ten. Mostly warbly/yelpy male vocals, which can be a bit much at times. However, the female backing vocals are very nice. Not bad stuff. Recommended if you like Thanksgiving/Adrian […]

Band MarinoThe Sea & The Beast

September 16, 2008

They are a five-piece from Orlando. This album, their debut, was originally released in 2006 but has seen a nationwide “indie record shop” push this past year. As for the music, it’s indie folk-rock, complete with mandolin, banjo, and harmonica. The lead singer has a very distinct voice; imagine Of Montreal’s Kevin Barnes spending time […]

This Is Ivy LeagueSelf-Titled

May 15, 2008

This is the debut for the Brooklyn-based duo of Ryland Blackinton and Alex Suarez. It’s chock full of delightful folk-influenced pop music. They remind me of a modern-day, upbeat Simon and Garfunkel. They are super super good. So good!

Bon IverFor Emma, Forever Ago

February 18, 2008

Mainly the work of one man, Justin Vernon. It’s quite nice, very laid-back, layered, a folk sound but not overly so, it’s more indie than folk I suppose. Quite honestly a few songs made me imagine what it would sound like if Wolf Parade attempted folk music. I imagine this would appeal to fans of […]

Grand ArchivesGrand Archives

February 11, 2008

Mat Brooke fronts this band; you may remember him from his work with Band of Horses and Carissa’s Wierd. This is quite similar to Band of Horses but a bit more pop-influenced; but the folk/country influences are retained. Not as immediately catchy, but the songs are nice and Mat has a very pleasant voice (I […]

Tyler RamseyA Long Dream About Swimming Across The Sea

February 2, 2008

This guy is opening for and playing with Band of Horses on their upcoming tour, and this choice seems logical. This is much slower than Band of Horses and is acoustic, country/folk, but his voice is reminiscent of the Band of Horses’ lead singer. Very mellow. He also does a cover of Jackson Browne’s “These […]

AA BondyAmerican Hearts

January 25, 2008

The new solo album from AA Bondy, who is actually Scott Bondy, who used to be the lead singer of the alt/indie band, Verbena. This is acoustic, stripped-down folk music that has country and blues influences. His voice is reminiscent of Patrick Park. Very laid-back, music to play if you are just going to relax […]