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The Duke Spirit – Neptune

February 22, 2008

The second album from this confident, female-fronted rock band from England. Liela Moss fronts the group and sings in a lovely voice full out authority (and with a British accent!). The band backs her up with tight rock that has bluesy-rock influences, somewhat akin to the older stylings of the Rolling Stones. Very well-done, this […]

Nina Nastasia – Dogs

January 22, 2008

Nina Nastasia’s debut album impresses with a strong leading vocal and a simple acoustic guitar backing. This debut comes out with a variety of instruments played by associates, ranging from many stringed instruments (cello, mandolin, violin) to the drums and piano. Although this album was released in 2000, only 1,500 copies were released out of […]

The RopesCry To The Beat EP

January 22, 2008

Here is the newest EP from New York City’s female-fronted dance-rock band, The Ropes. The different parts of the songs, such as verse/chorus/bridge, don’t really flow together naturally and it makes for a jarring listen. It sounds like they can write decent parts of songs, but not whole songs. An underwhelming effort. As a side […]