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June 15, 2008

They hail from Denmark and this is their third album; it was originally released in 2006.. They play quirky garage rock; if Ween recorded a garage rock album it might sound something like this. They touch on surf, rockabilly, garage, and even country.  They even throw in some organ on a bunch of the tracks. […]

Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit BandX-Ray Spirit

April 24, 2008

They’re a duo from Denmark. They play (ready for this?!) synth/organ driven garage rock/pop/dance/crazy-awesomeness. So much fun. If you like synths and organs and garage rock, which you damn well should, listen to this. Listen. Like. Dance.

The RaveonettesLust Lust Lust

February 15, 2008

ZOMBIE ROCK! Seriously, I bet zombies would groove to this. Noisy pop with LOTS of feedback and a surf influence. It’s really good! Mostly female vocals with occasional male leads. This is their fourth full-length, they’re from Denmark. Recommended if you like The Jesus and Mary Chain, Sonic Youth, the undead. In addition, the cover […]