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TEEN INC. – Fountains / Friend Of The Night

July 5, 2010

From Los Angeles, Teen Inc. was formed by the sibling duo of Daniel and Andrew Aged. They were both studio musicians (apparently for big-name artists like Pharell and Raphael Saadiq) so we know right off the bat that they’ve got the playing chops, but can they write their own stuff? I decided to give this […]

COLD WAR KIDS – Behave Yourself

January 31, 2010

Savvy Orange Juice Party Noise readers may recall that in 2008, I reviewed the latest album by the Cold War Kids, Loyalty To Loyalty. If you don’t remember, I will sum up the review: I did not like that release from these four boys from Fullerton, California. Fast forward a little over a year; I […]

LEFT ALONE – Left Alone

April 30, 2009

California 3-piece gives us their fourth full-length. Fun, upbeat punk with ska influences. Recommended if you like new-school punk and The Clash (“Sad Story” even seems to have a reference to the Clash).


April 29, 2009

Second full-length for the Californian band. They might be on the Side One Dummy label, but they’re far from your average punk band; they combine elements of folk, country, classic rock, punk, and more to create a highly enjoyable sound. They have toured with bands like Flogging Molly, Dirty Pretty Things, and Gogol Bordello. Their […]

THE FRESH AND ONLYS – The Fresh and Onlys

April 28, 2009

San Francisco band’s debut. Reverby 60’s influenced pop/garage rock/pscyh with male vocals and female backing vox. Overall really cool. Recommended if you like Thee Oh Sees, Raveonettes, and similar bands.

FITZ AND THE TANTRUMS – Songs For A Breakup, Volume 1

April 22, 2009

Born in France but raised in Los Angeles, here comes Fitz (and the Tantrums). This EP of 5 songs is said to have been recorded in Fitz’s living room using only one microphone and written about an ex-girlfriend. The sound is one of poppy soul with a retro vibe that recalls the 60’s heyday of […]

VOX JAGUARS – Vox Jaguars EP

March 18, 2009

This is the debut EP from these four Californian boys, two of which are still in high school. They’re a very young band and have a lot of room to grow, but their first release shows them as a band that should definitely be watched. It’s fuzzy, rough around the edges, lo-fi garage/punk/rock. The singer […]

JEREMY JAY – Slow Dance

March 11, 2009

This is the second album from Jeremy Jay and his bandmates; it’s been less than a year since his first album, A Place Where We Could Go, came out in May 2008. Slow Dance seems to have a lot more synth than his debut did, and the songs seem to be a lot stronger as […]

SPARKS – Exotic Creatures Of The Deep

February 20, 2009

Ever dreamed of Devo having sex with Scissor Sisters? Me neither, but Sparks is what their elderly love child would sound like (Of course, since Sparks was formed in 1970, this could not be possible unless both Devo AND Scissor Sisters were sent back in time through the use of a DeLorean powered by plutonium […]

Dead To MeLittle Brother EP

November 20, 2008

Good ol’ pop/punk from San Francisco. This is their second release; their debut, Cuban Ballerina, was released in 2006. They are fun and I like them. Good upbeat music. They are similar to their label mates of Fat Wreck Chords, which includes some of the big bands of the 90’s pop/punk scene – NOFX, Less […]

Lindsey BuckinghamGift Of Screws

October 22, 2008

Let it be known that I love Lindsey Buckingham, so this review may be a bit biased. You should recognize his name from Fleetwood Mac, or perhaps from Buckingham Nicks. Gift Of Screws is his fifth solo album and showcases his wonderful fingerpicking guitar style, incorporated excellently into the pop/rock sound that he creates. It’s […]

Jackson UnitedHarmony And Dissidence

October 20, 2008

Chris Shiflett has played with Foo Fighters, No Use For A Name, Me First and the Gimme Gimmes, and Viva Death, among other bands; this is the second album for his band Jackson United. Alt-rock with punk influences which are evidenced through the ‘political’ themes that are present throughout the album’s lyrics. Possibly if Green […]

The Little OnesMorning Tide

October 17, 2008

Very nice pop on the debut for the Los Angeles quintet. The music has a warm, sunny, upbeat feel to it. Soak up the sun with this album. I saw them at SXSW ’08 and they were good, and so is their CD. Recommended if you like pop music influenced by the Beach Boys. It […]

Eagles of Death MetalWannabe in L.A. single

October 9, 2008

The new single from their third album, Heart On, which comes out on October 28, 2008. If you’re not familiar with them (you should be!), the core of EoDM is Josh Homme (Kyuss/QOTSA) and Jesse Hughes. Homme rocks the drums and Hughes does vocals and guitar duty. They are a lot of fun and they […]

Jack’s MannequinThe Glass Passenger

October 8, 2008

The main man behind this band is Something Corporate’s Andrew McMahon. According to a friend who saw him play with Something Corporate about five years ago, he is amazing live; he treats his piano in much the same way Ben Folds does – believing that the keys aren’t the only part of the instrument that […]

Japanese MotorsJapanese Motors

October 7, 2008

Awesome! garage pop/surf/rock on the debut from the Costa Mesa, California quartet. I can’t really say too much more about them, except that they are coolest band I have listened to in a while. Picture the Strokes going surfing. This band is SO GOOD.

Cold War KidsLoyalty To Loyalty

October 3, 2008

They’re from California, this is their sophomore album. They are classified as “indie rock,” though that term really doesn’t mean much these days. I think they sound like they have the vocalist of Ghostland Observatory (though Cold War Kids’ lead singer, Nathan Willett, wishes he was Thom Yorke instead of the guy from Ghostland) crossed […]

Brian WilsonThat Lucky Old Sun

September 11, 2008

The new solo album from the legend that is Brian Wilson. The theme of this album is California, and all of the songs bear a sunny, warm vibe that feels just like how I imagine summertime California would. He gets help from Van Dyke Parks on the narratives, which are just spoken word over background […]

Prima DonnaAfter Hours

September 10, 2008

They’re a five-piece from Hollywood. Lead singer/guitarist Kevin Preston also does guitar duty for Green Day’s side project, Foxboro Hot Tubs. Prima Donna is a glam/punk rock band, complete with dumb lyrics, big guitars, and saxophone that would make the Stones proud of the instrument’s usage in rock music. I like bands like this; they’re […]

The Airborne Toxic EventThe Airborne Toxic Event

September 9, 2008

Debut for the five-piece that is based out of Los Feliz, California (near Los Angeles). Right now they are on tour opening for The Fratellis, which should be your first clue to the quality of the music they make. They play rock/post-punk. Imagine if Franz Ferdinand and Interpol had a one-night stand; this band could […]

Jeremy JayA Place Where We Could Go

May 8, 2008

This is the debut album for the Californian. It’s pop music that would feel at home in the late 1970’s. It’s okay but nothing compares to the song “Airwalker” off of the EP he released around the end of 2007. The songs on this album remind me of the Modern Lovers songs that I have […]