MATT and KIM – Matt and Kim; MATT and KIM – Grand

Matt & Kim’s self-titled debut was released in 2006, and Grand, the follow-up, was released in 2009. I’m reviewing them now because, while scouring the internet for shows coming to my area, I found that this Brooklyn-based duo is scheduled to play around here very soon. Not many bands playing original music play near where I live, so when there is one coming to town, I usually try to go. Unless the band is awful. I set out on a quest to see if Matt & Kim are awful or if I should plan to go check them out.

The overwhelming verdict after listening to their albums is that I am most definitely going to go to their show. Both of the albums are similar in sound, so no need to split up their reviews. Upbeat drumming, keyboards, a girl drummer (represent!), and a vocalist who sings like a way cooler version of John Darnielle, though still in a very nerd-esque manner? Count me in. The songs are fun and full of energy. I dig the lyrics, too. A better, more rocking version of Mates Of State. Matt & Kim are a band that I have overlooked the past few years and I am very happy to finally have introduced my ears to them.

I can only hope that the show is filled with lots of dancing, jumping around, singing out loud, and general hijinks. See you there, hipster friends.

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