ERNEST GONZALES – Been Meaning To Tell You

When I first heard of this album, it was described as “electronic.” I haven’t been listening to a lot of “electronic” music lately but the cover art was too amazing for me to pass this up without a listen. The artwork was made by having a number of artists each illustrate what they saw after listening to one track off of the album and the end result for the cover combined all of the images. Very cool stuff.

Now that I’ve talked about the cover, how to describe the music? It is electronic, but there are also guitars on this record. I’m sure this music could be played live by a band of talented musicians. The music doesn’t feel overprocessed like so many electronic records I sat through last year. Instead, it feels lush and warm: a jungle of melodic sounds. For over a year I have been searching for music in the same realm as B. Fleischmann’s The Humbucking Coil: great beats, great melodies, no lyrics. This album illustrates what I’ve been looking for.

There’s a number of great songs on this album so it’s hard to pick a favorite one. I love how “Falling Asleep To The Glow Of The Television” makes me feel like I’m playing a classic Nintendo video game. “We Can Live In The Forest” is upbeat and would be suitable to play for a whirlwind romance with the couple falling in love. The album was made with Ernest’s wife in mind and this track probably has something to do with their love. “When You Are Lost I Will Find You” is the epitome of the B. Fleischmann chilled-out vibe I’ve been searching for. I could go on and on about each of these tracks and the way they make me feel and think but instead I’ll just recommend that you have a listen to the album and see what you feel. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Been Meaning To Tell You is scheduled to be released on February 9, on Exponential Records. Exponential Records was founded in 2002 by Gonzales and DJ Jester the Filipino Fist (I’m not making that name up). This is Gonzales’s second or third full-length album, I can’t figure out which, and he has also released music under the moniker Theory Of Everything. Now go get this album, why are you even still reading this post?! Records site)

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