SURFER BLOOD – Astro Coast

The debut from the West Palm Beach, Florida band. I got this album to review a few weeks ago but was delayed by other projects so I haven’t been able to listen until now. In those short few weeks, it seems to me that the band has been labeled as the next big thing and have gotten a lot more popular.

I finally found the time to listen to Astro Coast and I hear a blend of garage pop/psychedelia/shoegaze/rock. I understand that “Swim” is the album’s single and that isn’t shocking; it’s catchy and has a simple chorus that you’ll be able to sing along to before the end of the song. I can see the big appeal to this album: it combines the pop sensibilities of a band like Vampire Weekend with the fuzz of The Jesus and Mary Chain. While so many bands are choosing to go one way (indie pop) or the other (shoegaze/experimental), Surfer Blood choose to straddle the line.

Final impression: I think some of the songs are great (album opener “Floating Vibes” and the aforementioned “Swim” make for a fine 1-2 punch) but by the end of the album the songs all seem to blend into one. I wish there was a bit more variety, is what I’m alluding to. Even so, decent.


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