FALL OUT BOY – From Under The Cork Tree

What don’t you already know about Fall Out Boy? They formed in 2001 just outside of Chicago and From Under The Cork Tree was released in 2005. It was their third full-length and first for a major label (Island Records). This album features their breakout single, “Sugar We’re Going Down”, three minutes and 49 seconds of pure emo-pop bliss. Their bass player, Pete Wentz, became the dude everyone loved to hate (Remember when he jumped off a speaker and nobody caught him and he came crashing down to the ground?! Yeah.), and overshadowed all of the other band members (Wait, there were other guys in the band besides Mr. Wentz?). I’m sure you know all about Fall Out Boy (FOB) already.

You: “So why are you writing a post about them then? The album is four years old and everybody already knows if they like it or not.”

Me: “Well, you see, when I first heard “Sugar We’re Going Down”, I was in my first year of college. I remember seeing the music video on mtvU (It was a channel you could get on my college campus. It frequently was blacked out or the picture was messed up. But when you could see it, they actually played music videos! It was a novel idea for the MTV network). “What the heck? That kid has antlers!” I thought to myself. “Oh my, look at how they dress and the makeup and OH MY! They must be EMO. I can’t like this, it is surely uncool.”

But that first big single stuck with me, and occasionally I would call it up on youtube to watch the video and hear the song. I never paid much attention to their other singles, but “Sugar We’re Going Down”, man, what a great song. I was cruising last.fm a few days ago, and found Fall Out Boy’s new album (Folie à Deux) on their most-played of 2009 list. I acquired From Under The Cork Tree and I put on that much-loved song. I can’t help but play air guitar to those few chunky chords that come after the chorus. I am done being “cool” and I don’t care if you think it means I have crappy musical taste (Because musical taste is all subjective anyway so what does it matter? I’m sure you like some crappy things too, right?), I like that song. Say what you will about the band; damn, it’s a catchy single. It’s no wonder every teenage girl in America was head over heels for this band.

I’ve listened to the rest of the album, and there are a few duds (“Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying (Do Your Part to Save the Scene and Stop Going to Shows)” and “I Slept with Someone in Fall Out Boy and All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written about Me” come to mind) but there are also a few good ones (“I’ve Got a Dark Alley and a Bad Idea That Says You Should Shut Your Mouth (Summer Song)” comes to mind). Towards the end of my listen some of the songs seemed to run together, but if I had to grade this album, I’d give it a B-. Most of it is poppy rock with stereotypical emo vocals (you know ’em when you hear ’em, is all I can say). Some of it’s good, some of it’s eh, but “Sugar We’re Going Down” is a song I will always appreciate.”

There you have it. This post has a lot of parentheses, but I think the gratuitous parenthetical usage would make Fall Out Boy proud (or irritated that I am sort of making fun of their song titles in a passive-aggressive manner).


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