SPARKS – Exotic Creatures Of The Deep

Ever dreamed of Devo having sex with Scissor Sisters? Me neither, but Sparks is what their elderly love child would sound like (Of course, since Sparks was formed in 1970, this could not be possible unless both Devo AND Scissor Sisters were sent back in time through the use of a DeLorean powered by plutonium and equipped with a flux capacitor, and were then forced to reproduce, and the child that they created was raised in the alternate 1970s that would have been a result of this rift in the time continuum, to be exactly like the Sparks that exists is on the record). Sparks is the brotherly duo of Ron and Russell Mael; they formed in Los Angeles and released their self-titled debut a year later in 1971. All these years later, they are still making awesome music. Synthpop/rock with glampop influences. Hilarious lyrics. Catchy songs. Really fun.


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