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The ParlotonesA World Next Door To Yours

January 31, 2009

They’re a quartet from South Africa and this is their newest album. Slickly produced pop/rock that reminds me quite a bit of the new Killers album. That being said, they’re pretty good, but they need more of an edge if they don’t want to be the next band supplying songs for television dramas (but they […]

The Weather MachinesBones and Brains EP

January 30, 2009

Really nice poppy rock music with male vocals. Breezy and light, with 70’s pop influences. Good stuff. The opening track, “Parts Of Speech,” has handclaps! Recommended if you like A.C. Newman and Fancey.

Drazy HoopsInto The Red

January 29, 2009

His seventh full-length. It’s singer-songwriter pop/rock with alt-country influences. He has a deep voice, in the same vein as Nick Cave/Tom Waits/the dudes in American Music Club and The National. It’s nice pleasant music. Guitarist Sean Eden has also played with Luna.

Army NavyArmy Navy

January 28, 2009

Much wimpier than their name implies. Their debut; it’s ‘indie’ rock/pop with nasally male vocals. They had a song on the Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist soundtrack so they’ve probably got, like, a million fans already. You’ve heard this band’s sound before but you still like it. Recommended if you like Ted Leo and Death […]