Bloc Party – Intimacy

The British quartet presents their third full-length album. Their first album was full of catchy angular rock/post-punk; the second album saw them branching out a bit, experimenting with new rhythms and electronics, but maintaining most of the good qualities that their first album possessed. On Intimacy, however, they feel like a pretentious band that shows too many weaknesses and simply recycles their strengths without creating anything new. The lyrics are laughable (see: “‘Cause I love my mind when I’m fucking you”, “Sometimes I think I would float away if this sadness did not weigh me down”, and “You get sadder the smarter you get and it’s a bore”); the songs are just uninteresting. The upbeat songs, which are the type that Bloc Party became famous for, are retreads of their older songs and not even as catchy. The two bonus tracks that are included with the CD are fairly decent; last spring’s single, “Flux”, remains the best track these boys have put out since (at least) 2007. Despite this, it’s a disappointing and underwhelming release from a band that we should be able to expect more from.

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