Death Cab For CutieNarrow Stairs

Narrow Stairs cover art
Since I don’t really like music and, therefore, don’t pay much attention to it, I’ve never heard of these guys before. I guess they’re kinda popular? Well, this is their sixth album so they must be making records for a reason. It’s indie rock/pop, the guy who sings is probably heartbroken or longing for something or someone. He reminds me of the vocalist from The Postal Service, sort of! Obviously, if I actually listened to music and had heard their previous work, I would say that after a few listens, I like this as much if not more than their other stuff. It’s pretty good!

2 Responses to “Death Cab For CutieNarrow Stairs

  1. The Postal Service is a side project of Ben Gibbard’s…who is the lead vocalist and writer of Death Cab for Cutie.

  2. thanks for the heads up! I had no idea.

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