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The HoosiersThe Trick To Life

April 30, 2008

Here is the U.S. release of the British trio’s debut album. Upbeat pop/power-pop/rock with male vocals that hit the higher register at times. Their sound is very polished but doesn’t feel too overproduced. They remind me of a poppier version of The Attorneys, and I think they would also appeal to fans of bands like […]

The White Tie Affair – Self-Titled EP

April 29, 2008

This band sucks so much I am not even going to find a picture of the horrible EP I listened to by them. They sound like an awful cross between a boy band such as the Backstreet Boys and an emo-punk band such as Fall-Out Boy, who aren’t even punk at all but they probably […]

Tres BienTree EP

April 25, 2008

They are a four piece that formed in Florida in 2002 but I think they are based out of Pennsylvania now. All the Florida sunshine has done these boys good. They play wonderful garage rock/pop that is influenced by the British Invasion bands of the sixties. I like these guys a lot. I am excited […]

Snake and Jet’s Amazing Bullit BandX-Ray Spirit

April 24, 2008

They’re a duo from Denmark. They play (ready for this?!) synth/organ driven garage rock/pop/dance/crazy-awesomeness. So much fun. If you like synths and organs and garage rock, which you damn well should, listen to this. Listen. Like. Dance.

The Kooks – Konk

April 23, 2008

This is the second full-length for these lads from Brighton, England. They play a mixture of rock, garage rock, and Britpop. I really really love these guys. I could listen to them all day (and have). The songs on here are more laid-back than the ones on their debut Inside In/Inside Out, but I think […]


April 22, 2008

This is their first new studio album in four years and I do believe it is their fourteenth overall. This album sounds like…R.E.M. Really, their style hasn’t changed much since their past few albums. It’s instantly recognizable as R.E.M. Most of the songs are upbeat and fairly short (the whole album clocks in at under […]

The OkmoniksParty Fever!!!

April 21, 2008

Out of Tucson, Arizona, the world’s largest hotbed of garage rock, comes this quartet. They bring us organ-laced garage rock with female vocals. Rather fuzzy-sounding, straight from the garage. It’s cool. Recommended for those who appreciate fuzz, garage rock, Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ older stuff, and The Charms. Rock. Please note that both links […]

SwitchesLay Down the Law 

April 17, 2008

These guys are from Britain and they totally kick ass. They play fun, catchy, upbeat rock and roll. It’s not the newest sound in the world but who cares, it rocks. If you like bands like Franz Ferdinand, The Rakes, Maximo Park, and The Hives you will probably take a liking to these guys too. […]

Jason AndersonThe Hopeful and the Unafraid

April 17, 2008

This is his third studio album and 6th album if you count the work he did under the Wolf Colonel moniker. Jason plays indie rock that is somewhat minimal and lo-fi and owes a huge debt to Bruce Springsteen’s sound. This might be my favorite Jason Anderson album so far, it is great. It’s no […]

The B-52 – Funplex

April 17, 2008

The B-52s return for their first full-length in 16 years. The sound is still instantly recognizable as theirs, though they don’t sound outdated by any means. It is just updated for the 21st century. Fun, upbeat pop/rock/dance. Female vocals with Fred Schneider’s spoken verbal eccentricities thrown in for comedic and awesome effect. If you don’t […]